This Seasons Calendar


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• 11th January •

Note: One week LATER than normal!!! Various Members   -
Telescope Surgery

• 1st February •

Dean Watson   - 
We chose to go to the Moon

1st March

Ian Morison   - Proving Einstein Right,Is postponed to 7th June.
Due to adverse weather/road conditions:- this months meeting was CANCELLED.
Saturday 10th Star Party
   - - tickets for attending were available on Sacrewell website.

• 5th April •

Jonathan Tennyson UCL   - 
The Twinkle Mission

• 3rd May •

Bill Leatherbarrow   - 
Observing the Moon

• 7th June •

Ian Morison   - Has Cancled his visit this month
Gratefully, Dave Eagle will fill in for us - Why The Universe doesn´t give a Fig about you!

• 5th July •

Sheridan Williams -
The Mechanics of Eclipses

2nd August

Dave Eagle   - 
Tim Peakes Principia Mission

• 6th September •

Simon Green   - 
Comets after Rosetta

• 4th October •

Carolin Crawford   -  Introduction to the Milky Way
Saturday 13th Star party at Sacrewell - Society volunteers needed, please contact 'Secretary' -
tickets for attending were available on Sacrewell website.

• 1st November •

Stewart Moore   - 
Planetary Nebula - Butterflies of the Night Sky

19:00 - A.G.M.
19:30 - Christmas Party
Light Refreshments will be available