This Seasons Calendar


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• 14th January •

Note: One week LATER than normal!!!

Michael Poxon   -  Star Life (How stars are born, live and die)

4th February

Martin Hardcastle   -   Surveying the Sky for radio Galaxies

4th March

Paul Money    -  Voyager Part 2

1st April

Ann Bonell   -  Ladies of the Night

6th May

Mike Leggett   -  Astronomical Instrumentation before the Telescope

3rd June

To Be Confirmed   - 

1st July

To Be Confirmed   - 

5th August

To Be Confirmed   - 

2nd September

To Be Confirmed   - 

7th October

To Be Confirmed   - 

4th November

To Be Confirmed   -  

2nd December

19:00 - A.G.M. and Christmas Astronomy Quiz.